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Late Teens (2019 repress)

Hassle Records

limited signed transparent with heavy lavender splatter lp + download + hassle sampler cd

Released: 9th Aug 2019


the Melbourne band’s debut is a frenetic, raw, self-assured and commanding barrage of fuzzy pop-punk, stacked with buzz-saw guitars and brimming with honesty. ‘Late Teens’ is what happens when four Melbourne musicians come together to create a body of work entirely devoid of outside influence, being answerable to only themselves. Over six weeks, bassist Iain MacRae’s house was converted into a temporary song-writing sweatshop where the band wrote forty songs that were distilled into the dozen that make up the track list on ‘Late Teens’. Relying upon the experiences of their friends and people they know as subject matter, ‘Late Teens’ thematically approaches displacement, relationships, internal turmoil, gentrification and inequality. Fans of wolf alice, harker, estrons and when young will love it!

Late Teens (2019 repress)


  1. Side B
  2. Crash
  3. Ignorance
  4. Headwreck
  5. Suburbia
  6. Let It Fall
  7. Trading Punches
  8. My Body's Changing
  9. Late Teens
  10. Golden State
  11. Stay Low