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Fireraisers, Forever!

Tapete Records

dinked edition 24 - exclusive numbered blue LP + bonus blue 7” (400 only)

Released: 11th Oct 2019


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Released: 11th Oct 2019



Released: 11th Oct 2019


Magnificent lo fi pop with a sound palate from k records and postcard but cutting up to date lyricism – it may be their 9th album but they’ve never sounded better.

Don’t be fooled by the jangle though – this isn’t a musical peter pan moment where they’re still copying their 1995 debut, this is a band flexing their creative and songwriting muscles expertly and taking aim at the timelessness of heartbreak and the instantly identifiable, up to date society with equal gusto and prowess. They’ve used everything in their arsenal to make this record tread the line of classic and modern and have found the perfect balance. “every song here is a miniature gem of it’s kind” 8/10 - uncut

Fireraisers, Forever!


  1. We're All Fucking Morons
  2. The Girl With The Melted Mind And Her Fear Of The Open Door
  3. Bad Nite At The Mustache
  4. Society Of Inner Nothing
  5. victor Jara, Finally Found!
  6. The Godfrey Brothers
  7. Your Life On Your Knees
  8. Mid 8Ts
  9. The Institute Debased
  10. Her 33rd Perfect Goodbye
  11. Werewolf Jacket
  12. I Can't Live Here Anymore


  1. Chain Smokin'
  2. Even This Could Be Beautiful

dinked edition 24