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Saturnz Return (21st Anniversary Edition)

London Records


Released: 30th Aug 2019


the 21st anniversary edition of our boy’s dangerous double album has been given a remaster worthy of the ancient kings of yore.

***The collection also adds a third disc of bonus material, compiling brand new remixes alongside remastered remixes, which receive their first release on CD, as well as other rarities.***  Brave, innovative, experimental and bursting with emotion, the game-changing double album proved to be one of the most bold and divisive sets in history. Yet twenty years on, his vision is thoroughly vindicated. His innovative blend of beats and orchestration has been emulated by everyone from Carl Craig to Pete Tong.

Saturnz Return (21st Anniversary Edition)


  1. ‘I'll Be There For You’
  2. ‘Chico - Death Of A Rockstar’
  3. ‘Fury - The Origin’
  4. ‘Crystal Clear’
  5. ‘Demonz’
  6. ‘Digital’
  7. ‘Temper Temper’ (Optical Mix)
  8. ‘Letter Of Fate’
  9. ‘Truth’
  10. ‘Dragonfly’

CD1 – all newly remastered:

  1. ‘Mother’
  2. ‘Truth’
  3. ‘The Dream Within’

CD 2 – all newly remastered:

  1. ‘Temper Temper’
  2. ‘Digital’
  3. ‘I'll Be There For You’
  4. ‘Believe’
  5. ‘Dragonfly’
  6. ‘Chico - Death Of A Rockstar’
  7. ‘Letter Of Fate’
  8. ‘Fury - The Origin’
  9. ‘Crystal Clear’
  10. ‘Demonz’

CD 3 – new remixes and rarities:

  1. ‘Demonz’ (Gremlinz & Jesta Remix)
  2. ‘Crystal Clear’ (HLZ Remix)
  3. ‘Demonz’ (Martyn's Full Circle Mix)
  4. ‘Crystal Clear’ (DjRUM Remix)
  5. ‘Dragonfly’ (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
  6. ‘Mother’ (Strings)
  7. ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ (Instrumental)
  8. ‘Believe’ (Grooverider Remix)
  9. ‘Digital’ (Boymerang Remix)