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Molly Sarle

Karaoke Angel

Partisan Records


Released: 27th Sep 2019


lp + download

Released: 27th Sep 2019


as one third of the exquisite mountain man trio, molly thrives on creating rich vocal melodies, which are beautifully planted in the enchanting Appalachian setting of her solo debut.

Molly brings open-hearted, unflinching songwriting perfect for late-night karaoke comedowns, plaintive morning walks, and conjuring the spirit world. It’s a collection of songs by a woman who was born understanding that her ability to feel - deeply and without shame - is her greatest strength. It’s a minimal but carefully assembled palette of guitar, bass, and percussion form the foundation; an orchestra of unrecognisable atmospherics bounce off the high ceilings—but Molly’s delicate, expressive voice is always at the centre. “’karaoke angel’ is total validation, recasting mountain man’s Appalachian folk via Christine mcvie and stevie nicks models of Fleetwood mac […], radiating breezy melancholic warmth and lonely midnight chills” 4/5 – mojo.

Karaoke Angel


  1. Human
  2. This Close
  3. Karaoke Angel
  4. Almost Free
  5. Twisted
  6. Faith For Doubt
  7. Kimberly
  8. Dreams
  9. Suddenly
  10. Passenger Side