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The boys from Bury have hit double figures and, instead of looking down upon all that they have achieved, they've cranked up the bombast, the earworm melodi...

Flying Dream 1

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We can’t believe that this was recorded right around the corner from us & yet we didn’t get an invite! That’s Elbow off the Christmas list...

The Newborn EP (rsd 21)

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May 2021 will be 20 years since elbow's debut 'Asleep In The Back' was released.
Giants Of All Sizes
  1. Dexter & Sinister
  2. Seven Veils
  3. Empires
  4. The Delayed 3:15
  5. White Noise White Heat
  6. Doldrums
  7. My Trouble
  8. On Deronda Road
  9. Weightless


Giants Of All Sizes

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    Released: 11th Oct 2019

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At their best, elbow have always been able to invoke the spirit of talk talk and the blue nile, which is what they do expertly here – all the ache and emotion mark hollis and paul buchanan can invoke run into garvey’s iconic voice for a devastatingly effective 8th album.

Despite the cover, this not the elbow with the big choruses you see headlining festivals, this is the elbow of the early years but more mature and capable. These tracks aren’t minimal, but they’re not the swelling singalong type either – ‘giants of all sizes’ takes on some big topics, both personal and public, with the weight they deserve. “this is the band at its most bruised, raging over Brexit and grenfell tower and weeping at the personal loss of friends and family members.” 8/10 - uncut