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Rachael Dadd


Memphis Industries


Released: 8th Nov 2019


lp + download

Released: 8th Nov 2019


the multi-instrumentalist has crafted a record soaked in positive energy, emerging from a bountiful spring of enchanting folk-pop dreaminess.

Collaborators include multi-instrumentalist Emma Gatrill (Willie Mason / Matthew and the Atlas), drummer Rob Pemberton (Emily Barker / Low Chimes), bassist Jim Barr (Portishead) and vocalists Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) and Rozi Plain. Living half her time as a travelling musician in Japan, witnessing how other people create things, connecting with other cultures and landscapes; all this is a furnace for Rachael’s innovative song writing, which has seen her gain a reputation as a pioneering and thought provoking artist, unafraid to push the boundaries of folk and pop. This is a must for fans of this is the kit, rozi plain and jesca hoop.



  1. Arrow
  2. sCut My Roots
  3. Beacon
  4. Two Islands
  5. Language of Water
  6. Animal
  7. Palaeontologist
  8. Super Moon Machine
  9. Knot
  10. Two Coiled Springs
  11. Connected to the Rock