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fenella (jane weaver)



crystal clear lp + download

Released: 1st Nov 2019


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clouds of spectral synth catatonia enshroud this darkly glittering album from the always brilliant jane weaver, showcasing the limitless scope of her creative vision more so than any of its predecessors; it’s a musical marvel.

the musical polymath’s latest project takes the form of this reimagined soundtrack to Marcell Jankovics’ cult animation ‘Fehérlófia’. Released in 1981, ‘Fehérlófia’ is a remarkable work based in ancient folklore with a narrative culled from mythical tales of the Scythans, Huns & Avars. Weaver’s richly emotional & psychedelic music offers a perfect contemporary dialogue with Jankovics’ astonishing visual aesthetic. A mixture of ambient textures, menacing drones & spine-tingling vocals combine to create a lavish soundscape saturated with hypnotic moods & cinematic atmosphere. “fenella create & sustain such an imaginatively strange mood that you’ll want to track down a copy of the obscure source material” – uncut.




  1. Slow Swoop
  2. Three Heads Rising
  3. Bright Curse
  4. Occurring in Waves
  5. Triangular Journey
  6. The Seed
  7. Pendulum
  8. Shard of Glass
  9. Truly Seduced
  10. The Spectacle
  11. Battle
  12. Echo Chamber of Your Heart
  13. Strength in Air
  14. Rotation Wells
  15. Gilded Griffin
  16. Transfiguration into One
  17. Rock Creature