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Field Music

flat white moon

lp - £17.99
It’s the world’s worst kept secret that we have a soft spot for the Brewis brothers & ‘Flat White Moon’ has only further reinforced ...
Field Music

Field Music (Measure) (rsd 20)

record store day 2020 - 180g red & yellow 2LP + download - £24.99 | Buy
A landmark in Field Music’s long and varied history, it marked their return from a self-imposed hiatus with a gloriously rich LP that entwined the brother...
Field Music

Open Here

LP - £16.99 | Buy
indies-only 180g transparent lp in die-cut sleeve + download - £17.99 £12.99 | Buy
13 years & 6 albums in, the Sunderland siblings have carved themselves a musical niche where their rhythmic anarchy & wonky chords sit comfortably; a pl...
Field Music

Tones Of Town (RSD17)

record store day exclusive 2017 - 180g yellow LP, gatefold - £16.99 | Buy
Ten year anniversary of Field Music’s hugely acclaimed second album.
Field Music


cd - £9.99 | Buy
2lp + download - £19.99 | Buy

ltd indies only neon orange 2lp + download - £22.99
the real joy of the brewis brothers is that no-one else really does what they do; the interweaving vocals, the rhythmic gear changes, the slightly off-chords, b...
Field Music

music for Drifters

record store day 2015 - silver vinyl lp, gatefold sleeve - £16.99 | Buy
Field Music release a brand new instrumental album for 2015's Record Store Day.

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cd - £11.99 | Buy
lp + download - £22.99
filthy psych grooves, trippy jams, lo-slung twang & languid, hazy vocals - we were never going to be able to resist the post-noir noise disco of this Los An...
  1. Sound Ranging
  2. Silence
  3. Coffee or Wine
  4. Best Kept Garden
  5. I Thought You Were Something Else
  6. Between Nations
  7. A Change of Heir
  8. Do You Read Me?
  9. From a Dream, Into My Arms
  10. Beyond That of Courtesy
  11. A Shot To the Arm
  12. A Common Language Pt 1
  13. A Common Language Pt 2
  14. Nikon Pt 1
  15. Nikon Pt 2
  16. If The Wind Blows Towards The Hospital
  17. Only In a Man’s World
  18. Money Is a Memory
  19. An Independent State

Field Music


Memphis Industries
  • cd

    Released: 10th Jan 2020

  • love record stores edition - Transparent 180g red LP + signed print

    Released: 5th Dec 2020


Field Music have been busy! Not content with the current state of affairs, they have set about ‘making a new world’ and, oh my, have they made a fantastically quirky world of pop majesty or what?!

This 19-track song cycle about the after-effects of the First World War - but this is not an album about war and it is not, in any traditional sense, an album about remembrance.

There are songs here about air traffic control and gender reassignment surgery. There are songs about Tiananmen Square and about ultrasound. There are even songs about Becontree Housing Estate and about sanitary towels. From ballads to funky stomps, Field Music take us on quite the journey.