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Real Life

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Released: 27th May 2013


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lp reissue of the howard devoto led groundbreaking post-punk band's 1978 debut.

punk's untethered energy is rigidly controlled, run through arrangements that are tightly wound, herky-jerky, unpredictable & proficiently dynamic. the rapidly careening ‘shot by both sides’ (up there with pil's ‘public image’ as an indelible post-punk single) & the slowly unfolding ‘parade’ (the closest thing to a ballad) are equally ill-at-ease. the dynamism is all the more perceptible when dave formula's alternately flighty & assaultive keyboards are present: the opening ‘definitive gaze,’ for instance, switches between a sci-fi love theme & the score for a chase scene. as close as the band comes to upstaging devoto, the singer is central, with his live wire tendencies typically enhanced, rather than truly outshined, by his mates.

Real Life


  1. Definitive Gaze (2007 Digital Remaster)
  2. My Tulpa (2007 Digital Remaster)
  3. Shot By Both Sides (2007 Digital Remaster)
  4. Recoil (2007 Digital Remaster)
  5. Burst (2007 Digital Remaster)
  6. Motorcade (2007 Digital Remaster)
  7. The Great Beautician In The Sky
  8. The Light Pours Out Of Me (2007 Digital Remaster)
  9. Parade (2007 Digital Remaster)
  10. Shot By Both Sides (Original Single Version) (2007 - Remaster)
  11. My Mind Ain't So Open (2007 Digital Remaster)
  12. Touch And Go (2007 Digital Remaster)
  13. Goldfinger (2007 Digital Remaster)