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Released: 8th Nov 2019


Spiritualistic session in space.

Supersonic travel to singularity on an acid fuzz. Epic odyssey in the depths of consciousness. Hypnotic jams with orgasmic catharsis. Outstanding psychedelic trip iridescent with all shades of outer and inner space. And all that's Temnee. "Dialectics", the debut full-length album of Temnee, the band from Tver, Russia, is finally coming out on vinyl via Sound Effect Records! That is powerful instrumental heavy-psych stoner with deep and thick riffs, psychedelic passages, southern blues jams, oriental melodies, a lot of Sabbath's legacy and a krautrock drive. Temnee was created in 2013 in Tver, Russia. Their first 5-track, "Astrodiving" EP, was released in 2014. That cinematic minion with a lot of jams and fat riffs was followed by the full-length album "Dialectics", released digitally in 2016. Dialectics is a philosophical concept meaning the evolution of ideas: a dispute where truth is born. It perfectly describes the process of album creation. On "Dialectics" Temnee continues exploring cosmic horizons of heavy space rock. Moreover, the musicians have recently immersed into adjacent genres such as kraut and blues. Powerful sound will transfer you first to the opium haze of the Middle East, then to the Martian race! A turn to the foggy and cruel "Middle Ages" finally makes you feel the grievous fate of an astronaut living his last moments in outer space. "Dialectics" first ever vinyl edition comes with an amazing artwork by Anthony Downie and is available in three vinyl colors. Classic black, transparent milky clear and splatter vinyl and will be out on October 18th on Sound Effect Records of Athens, Greece. Vinyl edition includes "Zoetrope' and previously unreleased track "Rise" which mixes bright oriental melodies and powerful doom riffs.



  1. Steps To Infinity (5:52)
  2. Doom. To Do Doom (4:44)
  3. Voron (7:11)
  4. Rise (5:23)
  5. Carcassonne (1:06)
  6. The Red Desert Drive (6:59)
  7. Gravity and Heartbeat (Last 7 Minutes In Space) (7:03)
  8. The Reverence