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Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band

Just Like Moby Dick

paradise of bachelors


Released: 24th Jan 2020


limited deluxe gatefold 2lp + etched d-side + download

Released: 24th Jan 2020


Call me Terry! Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band have opted to wrestle both a literary leviathan and the darkening corners of the American dream on this latest allegorical opus.

iconic and iconoclastic texan songwriter and visual artist terry allen’s heart-breaking & hilarious new album, his first set of new songs since 2013’s bottom of the world, takes its title from the archetypal monster of american literature and the american imaginary. Through a series of rolling and tumbling Americana yarns, Allen leads us on a tongue-in-cheek ride through his blackened psyche in a manner that oddly alludes to Melville’s great white whale. “’Just Like Moby Dick’ reconfirms Allen as one of Americana’s greatest indefatigable mavericks

Just Like Moby Dick


  1. Houdini Didn't LikE
  2. the Spiritualists
  3. Abandonitis
  4. Death of the Last Stripper
  5. All That's Left Is Fare-Thee-Well
  6. Pirate Jenny
  7. American Childhood I: Civil Defense
  8. American Childhood II: Bad Kiss
  9. American Childhood III
  10. Little Puppet Thing
  11. All These Blues Go Walkin' By
  12. City of the Vampires
  13. Harmony Two
  14. Sailin' On Through