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The Deep


12" + download

Released: 29th Nov 2019


a brilliant squirt of aquatically-focused sci-fi hip-hop that sees the experimental hip-hop trio painting with lighter electronic textures, with a top-notch guest appearance from Shabazz palaces.

‘the deep’ ep is a dark sci-fi tale about the underwater dwelling descendants of African women thrown off slave ships, based on the mythology of Detroit electronic group Drexciya. The song was originally commissioned for a ‘This American Life’ about Afrofuturism in 2017. The track earned Clipping a nomination for a 2018 Hugo award, & the band constructed a sound installation based on “The Deep” at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. This release comes on the heels of the release of ‘The Deep’, a novella by Rivers Solomon (with Clipping credited as co-authors) inspired by the title track & published by Saga Press. this record includes two otherwise unreleased extra tracks including “Aquacode Databreaks”, which features Shabazz Palaces, & instrumental versions of all three tracks.

The Deep


  1. The Deep
  2. Aquacode Databreaks (feat. Shabazz)
  3. Drownt
  4. The Deep (instrumental)
  5. Aquacode Databreaks (instrumental)
  6. Drownt (instrumental)