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The Saxophones

Eternity Bay

Full Time Hobby


Released: 6th Mar 2020


LP + download

Released: 6th Mar 2020


limited orange lp + download

Released: 6th Mar 2020


An otherworldly record that secretly doses its gentle soundscapes with something seriously infectious.

The Saxophones, husband and wife duo, Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, took a new approach on their sultry second album “Eternity Bay”. Erenkov had this to say about the process – “I am attempting to seriously investigate the perspective of someone who is shameless in their enjoyment of privilege and looking to disrupt norms merely for the thrill of it.” If you dig Cigarettes After Sex, Kevin Morby, and First Aid Kit, you’ll find much to adore here. “Eternity Bay is a time capsule of warm fuzziness that will transport you to a place in the distant past. Let its elegance entangle itself into your psyche.” 85/100 – Secret Meeting

Eternity Bay


  1. Lamplighter
  2. New Taboo
  3. Forgot My Mantra
  4. Take My Fantasy
  5. Anymore
  6. Zendo
  7. Flower Spirit
  8. Living In Myth
  9. You Fool
  10. Eternity Bay