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bill fay

Countless Branches

Dead Oceans


Released: 17th Jan 2020


lp + download

Released: 17th Jan 2020


deluxe 2lp + download

Released: 17th Jan 2020


Sounding more sparse and succinct than his previous records, ‘Countless Branches’ collects compositions drawn from the trove of material Fay has amassed over 40 years.

Unfinished songs emerge with newly written words and melodies on Fay’s recurring themes - nature, the family of man, the cycle of life and the ineffable vastness of it all - as if they had been lying in wait to find their place in our current zeitgeist. The resulting ten songs are as pointed and poignant as anything he has ever recorded. “I wanted to create a dreamy, warm world that melted reality into abstraction and filled the audience with wonder, while conveying themes of cycles/phases – both of the tree, as well as the planet more generally”.

Countless Branches


  1. In Human Hands
  2. How Long, How Long
  3. Your Little Face
  4. Salt Of The Earth
  5. I Will Remain Here
  6. Filled With Wonder Once Again
  7. Time’s Going Somewhere
  8. Love Will Remain
  9. Countless Branches
  10. One Life

Deluxe lp Bonus Tracks

  1. Tiny
  2. Don’t Let My Marigolds Die (Live In Studio)
  3. The Rooster
  4. Your Little Face (Acoustic Version)
  5. Filled With Wonder Once Again (Band Version)
  6. How Long, How Long (Band Version)
  7. Love Will Remain (Band Version)