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Be Up A Hello



Released: 31st Jan 2020


first edition lp in laser die-cut sleeve + 4 x 12" inserts + download

Released: 31st Jan 2020


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Quadrilateral prodder and all round melter of brains, Squarepusher, delivers a scorching record of mayhem, joyousness, and wild abandon.

tom jenkinson (squarepusher) has returned to using a bewildering array of vintage analogue and digital hardware, the same equipment that first helped him develop his sound in the early '90s. the result is “be up a hello”, an album that is celebratory with rinsing breakbeat tracks such as ‘nervelevers’ and ‘terminal slam’ - classic floor fillers - as well pieces loaded with visceral atmosphere and melody in squarepusher’s inimitable style. darker moments such as ‘vortrack’ and ‘mekrev bass’ illustrate tom's continuing fascination with finely balanced psychological overload. “Be Up A Hello is a fantastic addition to an already stellar canon of work, and while this album may remind you of his earlier work, it doesn’t feel retro in the slightest.” – Inverted Audio

Be Up A Hello


  1. Oberlove
  2. Hitsonu
  3. Nervelevers
  4. Speedcrank
  5. Detroit People Mover
  6. Vortrack
  7. Terminal Slam
  8. Mekrev Bass
  9. 80 Ondula