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Released: 6th Dec 2019


Zone Six got founded in August 1997 by Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana).

Now you get a new studio-album by these legendary impro-spacerockers! The wild mixture of psychedelic rock, electronica and trippy soundscapes is still the leading direction for the band. But these tracks rock a lot. The title Kozmik Koon was inspired by our friend Kozmik Ken from England, who is the „father“ of the lovely Kozfest and a bear like person. We live in a area full of racoons, so we instantly found the name Kozmik Koon. :) This album is also dedicated to our friend Richard van Ess, called Richie, who sadly passed away much too early! We love you forever! The great coverpainting was done by Ulla Papel, who also did the paintings for The Doomsday Machine and Innside Outside by Electric Moon. It's Lulu's dad by the way.



  1. Maschinenseele
  2. Kozmik Koon
  3. Raum
  4. Still
  5. Song for Richie