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Romantic Comedy

Apricot Recordings

limited white lp

Released: 14th Feb 2020


Indie-pop duo take a sardonic slant on romantic comedies with this fun-filled soundtrack.

The band describe the album as “a painfully honest love letter that both celebrates and skewers the way romance has historically been portrayed in cinema, and how these depictions have affected the way the audience conducts and pursues their own relationships.” All of that wrapped up inside a collection of 60’s inspired pop bangers replete with wry lyrics that question the tropes that we’ve been fed over decades of cinema.

Romantic Comedy


  1. Dreams of Love
  2. The Ugly Truth
  3. Love of My Life
  4. When Danny Met John
  5. Impossible Perfection
  6. Barefoot in the Park
  7. Disneyland of the Heart
  8. Women In Love
  9. You Complete Me
  10. Mr. Wrong
  11. Nice Guy
  12. The Muse
  13. It Happened One Night
  14. Declaration of Love
  15. Run