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Porridge Radio

Every Bad

Secretly Canadian

lp + download

Released: 13th Mar 2020



Released: 13th Mar 2020


limited indies-only blue lp + download

Released: 13th Mar 2020


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our local heroes have struck a near impossible balance between gut-ripping introspection and immaculately structured songwriting, where diy pop/rock dynamics ebb and flow in fluid unison with their lyrical symbiotes; by far the best breakfast show to tune in to.

the project grew out of Dana Margolin’s bedroom, where she started making music in private. She decided to form a band through which to channel it all, and be noisier while she was at it – so Porridge Radio was born. Inspired by interpersonal relationships, her environment - in particular the sea - and her growing friendships with her new bandmates, Margolin’s distinctive, indie-pop-but-make-it-existentialist style soon started to crystallise. As the band’s sound – bright pop-rock instrumentation blended with Margolin’s tender, open-ended lyrics – has developed and refined. for fans of: snail mail; goat girl and broadcast.

James Canham says: "By far the most punk album you’ll hear all year - musically it touches on Sonic Youth, Raincoats & Pixies but it’s the lyrics that make it original. The album centres on Dana Margolin’s internal battles, putting her conflicts front & centre & refusing to offer easy resolutions. It took a few listens to warm up to but the reward was more than worth it."

Kurtis says: "A culmination of years of seeing them at every possible venue in Brighton...& bloody hell was it worth the wait."

Ferg says: "I’ve been loving these songs at various gigs across the past couple of years & am happy to report that their jump to the studio has given them even more scope to realise & expand that vast creative vision of theirs. No quantity can sate my hunger for this brand of Porridge".

Ian says: “A flawless blend of angsty guitars & raw emotion with a decent helping of dream-pop thrown in. It's been a reliable soundtrack to a very strange time.”



Every Bad


  1. Born Confused
  2. Sweet Don't Ask Me Twice
  3. Long Nephews
  4. Pop Song
  5. Give/Take
  6. Lilac
  7. Circling
  8. (Something)
  9. Homecoming Song