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LA Priest



love record stores edition - 140g Neon Orange lp

Released: 18th Dec 2020



Released: 5th Jun 2020



Released: 5th Jun 2020


limited indies-only glow in the dark lp

Released: 5th Jun 2020


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Lush, pastoral tones pair up with unique rhythm patterns wrought from a funky drum machine that shares its name with this album.

the product of clear-eyed focus, this record offers a one-way ticket into a dimension entirely of sam Eastgate’s own making. ‘gene’ is the most complete realisation of his vision yet. these songs are on a quest for meaning, exploring the limits of their maker’s abilities. coaxed into life with the juicy groove of “beginning”, the record struts and sparkles through “rubber sky” and “what moves” towards the gigantic noise of centerpiece “monochrome”, taking a sharp turn in the final third towards something darker and more mystical. We're feeling big Prince vibes on this one. “Enticing you in with irresistibly twisted pop-funk tunes, it’s not long before you feel yourself sucked into Eastgate’s wormhole of darker themes and ambient arrangements.” 4/5 - Sun Genre



  1. Beginning
  2. Rubber Sky
  3. What Moves
  4. Peace Lily
  5. Open My Eyes
  6. Sudden Thing
  7. Monochrome
  8. What Do You See
  9. Kissing of the Weeds
  10. Black Smoke
  11. Ain’t No Love Affair