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Das Koolies (super furry animals)


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cd - £11.99 | Buy

dinked 242 - limited numbered recycled colour 2lp + bonus 7" w/ 2 exclusive tracks* + signed print* in sleeve w/ exclusive artwork* - 1 per customer - £27.99

limited indies only recycled colour 2lp + *signed print* - £26.99
After four decades together as Super Furry Animals, the debut album from Das Koolies delivers on the promise of their singles to date (none of which are repeate...
Das Koolies (super furry animals)

The Condemned EP

very limited white 12" ep - £16.99 | Buy
these Hit-writing anti-icons, minus gruff rhys, emerge to explode three decades of digression as Super Furry Animals with their electronic depth-charge debut EP...

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Gruff Rhys


cd - £9.99 | Buy
deluxe heavyweight indies-only blue & white splatter lp + hand-finished sleeve + poster - £13.99
good gruff, what a record! Our super furry boy has made a sensational welsh-language album chock full of electronically enhanced, wigged out folk-pop.
It’s All About The Dolphins
  1. It’s All About The Dolphins
  2. 100%

Das Koolies (super furry animals)

It’s All About The Dolphins

  • limited 12"

    Released: 31st Jan 2020

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Compassionate, head-nodding, deep-bass-driven, party-ready, plugged-in, hook-toting, electro-beach-pop from the artists formerly known as The Super Furry Animals.

With an album stuffed to the rafters with boom, squelch and fuzz “It’s All About The Dolphins” finds sorrow in humanity’s grip over nature, set to an electrified fit of instrumentation, the presence of mammal hand and brain still traceable via the compelling sense of melody still out of robots’ grasp. ““It’s All About The Dolphins” has sounds SFA have used over the years — acid house synths, vocoders, dub, sweeping production — but taken away from Gruff Rhys’ very distinct songwriting style, with Bunf and Ciarán singing lead, it truly sounds like a brand new band.” – Brooklyn Vegan