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Inoyama Land



limited heavyweight lp

Released: 20th Mar 2020


Playful and magical, it’s a divine pleasure to finally return to this sonic landscape defined by tinkling synths, floating minimalist melodies, pastoral excursions, and mythical overtones.

this official reissue of Japanese duo Inoyamaland’s quintessential ambient/environmental/electronic album Danzindan-Pojidon, produced by Haruomi Hosono and originally released in 1983 on his Yen Records label. Available outside of Japan for the first time, the new age classic comes as a limited LP with liner notes by band member Makoto Inoue. if you aren’t already massively excited by this, and are a fan of midori takada, hiroshi yoshimura or satoshi ashikawa, you owe it to yourself to check it out!



  1. Shüffer
  2. Pokala
  3. Glass Chime
  4. Pon
  5. Wässer
  6. Mizue
  7. Collecting Net
  8. Apple Star
  9. Meine Reflexion
  10. 8.31