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Released: 3rd Apr 2020



Released: 3rd Apr 2020


our beloved garage punks return with an absolute zinger of fuzzy punk that'll blast you into a colourful world of relentless noise (be sure to keep those speakers purring nice & loud for this one).

Since the release of their 2017 debut LP, the sound of the trio has hardened, with the polarities of psych and post-punk smelted into a brutal cobalt alloy. No doubt they’re aided by the Steve Albini-engineered sound rendered at Electric Audio, where the album was recorded and mixed (in collaboration with Steve Albini and Ty Segall) in six days. Will Ivy’s cortex-scorching guitar leads are in united space with the full-body rhythm of Tim Hellman’s bass and Justin Sullivan’s drums. Their social comment, bleak, yet earnest, is leavened with bone dry humour. Ffo viagra boys, goggs and prettiest eyes.



  1. The Aughts
  2. Plaster Casts
  3. Market Forces
  4. Antarctica
  5. Via
  6. The Mine
  7. Ripper 1
  8. Condo Colony
  9. Signals
  10. Wet Concrete
  11. Terms of Visitation