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Void moments

trouble in mind


Released: 27th Mar 2020



Released: 27th Mar 2020


limited indies only "pink void" lp

Released: 27th Mar 2020

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Mystery shrouded, sinewy post punkers, with a drip-fed taste for shoegaze, take their lurching sound into seemingly gloomier territory.

FACS third & latest offering is a dark & claustrophobic album with rivulets of seismic beauty peeking through the din. gone is the bone-rattling minimalism of ‘negative houses’; ‘void moments’ offers an abstraction of the melodic elements that crept into ‘lifelike; and contorts them toward a new horizon. where ‘lifelike' rang with a metallic, near-industrial racket, ‘void moments’ cloaks the music behind a black velvet curtain, obfuscating the band's most direct set of songs to date. FFO: Soft Moon, Disappears, Diat, Secret Boyfriend, NIN

James Cooper says: “FACS have got those drums that’ll make your neighbours jump. Drop the needle, play both sides, repeat. I can’t get enough of this band!”

Void moments


  1. Boy
  2. Teenage Hive
  3. Casual Indifference
  4. Version
  5. Void Walker
  6. Lifelike
  7. Dub Over