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Shabazz Palaces

The Don Of Diamond Dreams



Released: 17th Apr 2020


limited indies only loser edition sky blue lp + download

Released: 17th Apr 2020


lp + download

Released: 17th Apr 2020



Released: 17th Apr 2020


Forward thinking business from t’Palaces, melding aspects of funk, jazz, and psychedelia into a shimmering melange of other-worldly, cyber-punk, hip-hop.

with ‘the don of diamond dreams’, the group’s fifth album, their evolution continues as they let the music speak for itself as it slowly reveals more about its creators. This time embracing modernism in hip-hop and rap but with an impossible vision that will both confound and engage in equal measures. the record features the highlights “fast learner (ft. purple tape nate),” “chocolate souffle,” “bad bitch walking (ft. stas thee boss), and “thanking the girls.” FFO: The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, Flying Lotus, Sun Ra “‘The Don of Diamond Dreams’ push further out into cosmic sounds feels like a retort to ‘90s boom-bap traditionalists who rip on changing fashions out of bitterness.” 8/10 - Loud & Quiet

The Don Of Diamond Dreams


  1. Portal North: Panthera
  2. Ad Ventures
  3. Fast Learner ft. Purple Tape Nate
  4. Wet
  5. Chocolate Souffle
  6. Portal South: Micah
  7. Bad Bitch Walking ft. Stas THEE Boss
  8. Money Yoga ft. Darrius
  9. Thanking The Girls
  10. Reg Walks By The Looking Glass ft. Carlos Overall