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Released: 27th Mar 2020


LP + download

Released: 27th Mar 2020


Blues went out into the desert & tamikrest captured it & returned with this vivid and irrepressible rock & roll statement.

their most powerful album since 2013’s wildly acclaimed ‘chatma’, ‘tamotaït' finds the band not only turning up the volume but also sharpening their meditative atmospherics and ruminations on the state of the sahara and the world beyond. Highly recommended if you’re into Tinariwen, Kel Assouf, Songhoy Blues. “Tamotaït is the most expansive and adventurous album that Tamikrest have made, exploring every corner of their sound.” - Forced Exposure



  1. Awnafin
  2. Azawad
  3. Amzagh
  4. Amidinin Tad Adouniya
  5. As Sastnan Hidjan
  6. Timtarin
  7. Tihoussay
  8. Anha Achal Wad Namda
  9. Tabsit