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Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To (2018 reissue)

180g 2lp - £26.99
the re-release of the one with the preposterous title now comes digitally re-mastered - featuring Sonic Boom aka Peter Kember (Spectrum / E.


limited numbered transparent red lp - £23.99
Peter Kember, better-known under his name Sonic Boom, recorded several albums with his band Spaceman 3 before he started working on his new project Spectrum.
All Things Being Equal
  1. Just Imagine
  2. Just a Little Piece of Me
  3. Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)
  4. Spinning Coins and Wishing on Clovers
  5. My Echo, My Shadow and Me
  6. On a Summer's Day
  7. The Way That You Live
  8. Tawkin Tekno
  9. I Can See Light Bend
  10. I Feel a Change Coming On

sonic boom

All Things Being Equal

carpark records
  • lp + download

    Released: 5th Jun 2020

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Emerging three decades since the last lp, ‘All Things Being Equal’ is chock full of joyous stomping tracks that motor along, hopped up on glee, shrouded in eerie electronics, and destined for cloud nine.

it’s a meditative, mathematical record concerned with the interconnectedness of memory, space, consumerism, consciousness—everything. through regenerative stories told backwards and forwards, Peter Kember (spectrum, spacemen 3) explores dichotomies zen and fearsome, reverential of his analog toolkit and protective of the plants and trees that support our lives. what emerges from these considerations on technology and humanity is a honed collection both philosophical and grooving, spacious even as it fills to its brim. it’s distinctly kember—more than that, it’s distinctly sonic boom. “This is where Sonic is now, more at peace with himself and wishing well for a new day after the storm. It ends on an electronic thunderclap. Welcome back Sonic.” - Echoes & Dust