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Live At The Roundhouse

Cooking Vinyl Limited


Released: 17th Apr 2020


2lp + download

Released: 24th Apr 2020


UK indie rock band The Rifles are set to release their debut full length live 17th April on Cooking Vinyl.

Live At The Roundhouse features fan favourite tracks spanning the bands entire catalogue including 'Local Boy', 'Out In The Past', 'The Great Escape' and many more.

Live At The Roundhouse


  1. Science In Violence (Live)
  2. The Great Escape (Live)

  3. Fall To Sorrow (Live)

  4. Sometimes (Live)

  5. Toe Rag (Live)

  6. History (Live)

  7. Winter Calls (Live)
  8. Out In The Past (Live)
  9. The General (Live)

  10. For The Meantime (Live)

  11. Lazy Bones (Live)

  12. I Could Never Lie (Live)

  13. Victoria (Live)

  14. Rock The Boat (Live)

  15. A Love To Die For (Live)

  16. Minute Mile (Live)

  17. She's Got Standards (Live)
  18. Peace & Quiet (Live)

  19. Local Boy (Live)

  20. Romeo & Julie (Live)