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Sonic Cathedral

very limited green lp + download (second pressing)

Released: 15th Oct 2020



Released: 3rd Jul 2020


very limited exclusive red lp + download

Released: 28th Aug 2020


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the west yorkshire quintet's long awaited debut lp is an immediately gratifying shot of nocturnal dream-pop and shoegaze that evokes low shutter-speed journeys through infrastructure at midnight.

It's a hugely accomplished debut and a real step up both sonically and lyrically from their early singles, which were rounded up on 2019's 'If Not, When'? EP. Musically, there are nods to The Cure's Disintegration, Deerhunter and DIIV, while the band reference RIDE and Radiohead. There are also echoes of krautrock and post-punk, from The Chameleons to Protomartyr, plus the proto shoegaze of the Pale Saints' The Comforts Of Madness, not least in the cross fading of some tracks, meaning the album is an almost seamless listen. “elements of Slowdive, The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride all wrapped up in delicious bitter sweet melancholy of shoegaze and wanderlust” - louder than war.



  1. Momo
  2. Push/Pull
  3. A Reason To Celebrate
  4. Gush
  5. Happy
  6. (The Silence)
  7. (Un)happy
  8. If....
  9. Is That What You Wanted To Hear?
  10. Forget The Credits