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Released: 19th Jun 2020


limited indies only pink lp

Released: 19th Jun 2020


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shot through with buoyant, vintage pop melodies, sexsmith's jaunty new persona suits his gossamer vocals down to a tee.

This is the first new album from the Canadian songwriting legend since his move from his longtime home of Toronto to a more bucolic life in Stratford, Ontario. Ron worked with producer Don Kerr to create this album; the two set up in Ron’s living room to record where Ron played all the instruments for the album, with the exception of the drums. “Ron Sexsmith takes listeners on a dreamy, pastel-tinged vacation of the mind with Hermitage, a batch of 14 songs that range from loosely tropical swing-alongs to forlorn lullabies” - no depression.



  1. Spring of the Following Year
  2. Chateau Mermaid
  3. Lo and Behold
  4. Glow in the Dark Stars
  5. Small Minded World
  6. Winery Blues
  7. When Love Pans Out
  8. You Don't Wanna Hear It
  9. Dig Nation
  10. Whatever Shape Your Heart Is In
  11. Apparently Au Pair
  12. Is It Or Isn't It
  13. Morning Town
  14. Think of You Fondly