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Released: 19th Jun 2020



Released: 19th Jun 2020


collecting two studio sessions from 2010 and 2020, these reworkings of classic & obscure wire songs from the breadth of their career beautifully their innovation and versatility.

A glimpse into Wire’s working practices, this record sees them taking something that existed on a previous release and re-working it, very often evolving a stage highlight from it. There are also pieces that have never seen a major release but for some reason never fitted on an album. The best of these ideas were recorded in 2 sessions: 2010's 'Red Barked Tree' and 2020's 'Mind Hive'. The album divides into two halves accordingly. '10:20' is that rare thing: an album that not only serves as a must-have for long-term fans and completists, but paradoxically is also the perfect introduction for anyone new to the band.



  1. Boiling Boy
  2. German Shepherds
  3. He Knows
  4. Underwater Experiences
  5. The Art of Persistence
  6. Small Black Reptile
  7. Wolf Collides
  8. Over Theirs