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the allergies

Say The Word

jalapeno records


Released: 17th Jul 2020


limited orange 2lp + download

Released: 17th Jul 2020


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The Bristol duo of Rackabeat and DJ Moneyshot continue their patent blend of fat laced hip-hop and funk for the hip bone, ready and waiting to tear the ring pull off so the party can flood out.

'Say The Word' packs a killer punch of chunky breaks, finger licking throwdowns and soft-shoe steppers to ensure the boogie will never leave your body. The Allergies' latest dancefloor crusade lines up serial collaborator Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling (now officially seeking official Allergies citizenship, and reaching a new astral plain on 'I Just Got That Feeling'); the honey-dipped, no-nonsense soul of Marietta Smith, of Smith and The Honey Badgers; Dynamite MC holding down the uber true skool cool of 'Hot Sensation'; and the funster Mardi Gras free for all involving The Cuban Brothers that will definitely 'Let Them Know'.

Say The Word

  1. Hit Me One Time (feat. Andy Cooper) [clip]
  2. Let Them Know (feat. The Cuban Brothers) [clip]
  3. Say The Word (feat. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) [clip]
  4. Felony [clip]
  5. Take My Love (feat. Marietta Smith) [clip]
  6. I Just Got That Feeling (feat. Andy Cooper) [clip]
  7. Every Trick in the Book [clip]
  8. Get Yourself Some [clip]
  9. Rile 'Em Up (feat. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) [clip]
  10. Hot Sensation (feat. Dynamite MC) [clip]
  11. I'm On It (feat. Dr Syntax & Skunkadelic) [clip]
  12. Take Me Back (feat. Mr Woodnote) [clip]
  13. It Feels So Good (feat. Marietta Smith)