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Max Richter



2cd with 'voiceless mixes' on cd 2

Released: 31st Jul 2020


sitting down and listening to your human rights recited above richter's achingly beautiful classical arrangements may seem like an odd way to kick your sunday off, but it's doubtless a poignant and compelling experience.

Over a decade after its inception, the ground-breaking composer finally released his project inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a time of dramatic global change, 'VOICES' offers a musical message of hope. Max Richter invited people around the world to be part of the piece, crowd-sourcing readings of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be interwoven into the work, which features an ‘upside-down’ orchestra. He received hundreds of submissions in over 70 languages. These readings form the aural landscape that the music flows through: they are the VOICES of the title.




  1. All Human Beings
  2. Origins
  3. Journey Piece
  4. Chorale
  5. Hypocognition
  6. Prelude 6
  7. Murmuration
  8. Cartography
  9. Little Requiems
  10. Mercy