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The Jazz Butcher

Fishcotheque (rsd 20)

fire records

record store day 2020 - LP

Released: 26th Sep 2020


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So, it’s the end of the ‘80s, you’re on Creation Records - You’ve got a justifiable reputation for clever lyrics, witticisms, one-liners, melancholy, irony, conceptualisation and such – plus a penchant to write pop songs.

The Jazz Butcher consistently makes music that stops people in their tracks providing poignant social commentary for a bedraggled nation. Fishcotheque (1988) “This was a rock ‘n’ roll thing, not some "eccentricity". I had my shades and I had my fringed suede jacket and I had the Weather Prophets’ rhythm section,” recalled Pat. “That rare beast, an LP of cool, laid back pop,” said Record Mirror. // “Surprisingly poppy and accessible, although not without an edge of weirdness” KEXP // Remastered & Reissued for the First Time on Vinyl for Record Store Day. Side A A1 Next Move Sideways A2 Out Of Touch A3 Get It Wrong A4 Living In A Village A5 Swell Side B B1 Looking For Lot 49 B2 The Best Way B3 Chickentown B4 Susie B5 Keeping The Curtains Closed

Fishcotheque (rsd 20)


  1. Next Move Sideways
  2. Out Of Touch
  3. Get It Wrong
  4. Living In A Village
  5. Swell
  6. Looking For Lot 49
  7. The Best Way
  8. Chickentown
  9. Susie
  10. Keeping The Curtains Closed