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BENT ARCANA (john dwyer supergroup)


castle face

cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Aug 2020


lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 21st Aug 2020


Large ensemble of players, led by John Dwyer of Oh Sees, plays electrified and improvised jams in the realm of ECM ,‘70s hard fusion and prog- kraut - Features many players, including members of Sunwatchers, TV On The Radio, Flying Lotus, Feels, Prettiest Eyes, Mr Elevator, and many, many others.

“This is the first interstellar transmission from five days of electrified and improvised sessions recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio, edited down to forty minutes for your earballs. “Bent Arcana is the inceptive chapter in what I hope to be several releases showcasing these types of off-the-cuff musical compositions. So you can try your fry on and turn off. This one is very much on the ECM / ’70s hard fusion / prog-kraut tip. It is a many pronged weapon, swung by the spontaneous sentinel.” —John Dwyer





  1. The Gate
  2. Outré Sorcellerie
  3. Misanthrophe Gets Lunch
  4. Mimi
  5. Oblivion Sigil
  6. Sprites