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Live at Roadburn 2018



Released: 18th Sep 2020


limited 1 white 1 black 2LP

Released: 18th Sep 2020


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Zola Jesus Live At Roadburn 2018 is Zola Jesus first ever live album.

Recorded at Roadburn Festival 2018 where Zola Jesus was invited by Jakob Bannon of Converge to play at his curated day. Zola Jesus is the stage name of Russian American musician Nika Roza Danilova. Under the name Zola Jesus, she has released a number of genre bending EPs and albums. Her approach is a cross pollination of electronic/industrial, classical, and gothic sounds. All of it coming together as a dark and emotional artistic experience. Jacob Bannon (Converge) about inviting Zola Jesus for his curation at Roadburn Festival 2018. “I first heard Nika’s work on the “Stridulum”  EP (Sacred Bones, 2010). Every aspect of the release connected with me and it soon became a daily listen. The record (and all of her work) was relatable and infectious. I’ve been an avid listener ever since. Watching her artistry grow and deepen over time has been inspiring. “Okovi”, the latest from Zola Jesus is such a powerful album. I am truly honored to have Nika and Company at Roadburn 2018 as part of my curation.”

Live at Roadburn 2018


  1. Veka 5:20
  2. Soak 3:54
  3. Dangerous Days 5:01
  4. Hikikomori 3:59
  5. Witness 5:27
  6. Siphon 4:00
  7. Wiseblood 4:52
  8. Bound 3:27
  9. Remains 5:22
  10. Night 3:47
  11. Vessel 5:04
  12. Exhumed 4:17