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Orla Gartland

Why Is Freckle Season LikeThis?

Orla Gartland

limited colour lp

Released: 24th Jul 2020


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Orla Gartland’s debut vinyl release contains both her ‘Why Am I Like This?’ and ‘Freckle Season’ EPs along with an acoustic version of single ‘Figure It Out’ and exclusive new song ‘Don’t Fall In Love With A Musician’.

Gartland is a Dublin-born, London-based artist who has amassed over 60 million streams across Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. This vinyl release includes singles ‘Why Am I Like This?’ and ‘Did It To Myself’ (as featured in Normal People). Orla has a passionate and engaged following and is known for her ‘existential pop’ songs and relatable lyrics. As well as writing her own songs, Orla now co produces her material; she’s a truly talented and exciting new artist.

Why Is Freckle Season LikeThis?


  1. Why Am I Like This?
  2. Flatline
  3. Inevitable
  4. Overthinking (Demo)
  5. Don't Fall In Love With A Musician
  6. Did It To Myself
  7. Figure It Out
  8. Heavy
  9. oh GOD
  10. New Friends
  11. Figure It Out (Acoustic)