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APRICOT MORNING (2020 reissue)

tru thoughts

2lp + download

Released: 4th Sep 2020


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Apricot Morning, Quantic’s ambitious sophomore full length, is built upon the achievements of its esteemed predecessor.

Plentiful strings find themselves in friction against the hoots & parps of afrobeat brass, the loping percussion is tasked with drawing these elements together into a cohesive whole. Some inspired instrumentals were further fleshed out by the wonderful vocal contributions of EQ, Bristolian hip-hoppers Aspects and the majestic Alice Russell.

APRICOT MORNING (2020 reissue)


  1. Apricot Morning
  2. Transatlantic
  3. Brand New Watusi (Feat. EQ)
  4. Search The Heavens (feat. Alice Russell)
  5. Wider Than The Sky
  6. Primate Boogaloo (feat. Aspects)
  7. Blackstone Rock
  8. Sweet Calling (feat. Alice Russell)
  9. Trouble From The River
  10. Not So Blue
  11. Off The Beaten Track