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horizon zero dawn (original soundtrack)

various artists

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

limited white 4lp

Released: 23rd Oct 2020


The Ivor Novela award-winning Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack has been a collaboration with composers Joris De Man, Joe Henson, Alexis Smith, Niels Van Der Leest and the Guerrilla Games Audio Team.

Opting for a thematic approach Horizon Zero Dawn has a strong motif that plays often in many variations throughout the game ensuring a cohesive soundtrack. The first piece of music entices us, we hear Julie Elven‘s solo voice slowly moving through the theme. The use of the female voice is very powerful in this context and is an apt choice considering the relation to the female protagonist Aloy. Once exploring the open world of intensely gorgeous environments, music isn’t always overbearing, drawing our attention instead, to the sounds of “nature” around us, but always serving to warn us of any threatening machines that may be aware of our presence. “Battle” music is never overstated but instead reflective of the electronic/digital origins of the enemies. Percussion is the natural contrast to the “digital” sounding world of the machines, instead reflecting the tribal themes of living in the wild, with fear of futuristic ruins. There are often places in the game where music becomes a part of the world, where drummers are performing and singers take stage around villagers, singing and praising. In July 2017, the Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack won a Jerry Goldsmith award for the best original score in a video game. Joris Maarten de Man, known as Joris de Man (born 30 June 1972) is a Dutch composer and sound designer, well known for his work on the video game Killzone.[1][2] His first work involving video games was chip music written for Atari computers under the moniker "Scavenger." He was also employed as a freelance composer writing for CD-i games in The Netherlands. He spent 3 years working in London for the Bitmap Brothers on sound design and music composition. In 1999 he returned to the Netherlands and found work with Guerrilla Games.[3] In cooperation with The Flight, Niels van der Leest and Jonathan Williams he composed the Soundtrack of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

various artists


  1. Outcast & Seeker Outcast A1. Prologue Featuring – Julie Elven A2. Aloy's Theme Featuring – Julie Elven A3. Motherless Featuring – Julie Elven A4. Vanished Voices Featuring – Julie Elven A5. Seal Your Lips A6. Tell Me Featuring – Julie Elven A7. The Point Of The Spear A8. Years Of Training A9. The Proving Featuring – Cirlce Percussion*, Julie Elven A10. A Boon Seeker
  2. Seeker B1. Aloy's Journey Featuring – Julie Elven B2. Envoys B3. Where You Came From Featuring – Julie Elven B4. Identification B5. What The Seeker Had Sought Featuring – Julie Elven B6. Anointed B7. The Cavalry Breaks Through Featuring – Circle Percussion, Julie Elven B8. Across The Daybrink B9. Victory Featuring – Julie Elven B10. Homecoming Featuring – Julie Elven
  3. civilized & Moments Civilized C1. City On The Mesa C2. Meridian, Shining C3. Delver's Hymnal C4. To Call Our Own C5. Song To The Sun - Dawning C6. Song To The Sun - Evening
  4. Moments D1. Who Do You Remember D2. Happy Birthday, Isaac D3. Questions On Questions D4. Parting The Leaves D5. Only Dust D6. The Long Way There D7. Strange Customs D8. All According To --D9. Walking In Circuits D10. Where You Go D11. Rarity D12. Great Heights D13. Grass Covers Steel D14. New Vows D15. A Natural Breath D16. Her Promise Unfurled D17. Hold, Then Release D18. Night In The Valley D19. Mother's Vigilance D20. The Dimming Land D21. Beads Fallen On Bronze D22. To Hush The Jewel D23. Brilliance Stirs D24. As Is Plainly Seen D25. A Light, Westward D26. Another Day Rusts Roaming & Explorer Roaming E1. Her Breath, Her Land E2. In Great Strides E3. Within The Embrace E4. On Our Mother's Shoulders E5. The World And All Its Lessons - Alternate Explorer F1. A Resplendent Soil F2. All That The Light Reaches F3. This New Wilderness F4. Machine Dreams
  5. Conflicts & Secrets Conflict G1. Will Against Will Featuring – Julie Elven G2. Force Multiplication G3. The Future By Its Throat G4. Colossal G5. The Spreading Eclipse G6. Threat Assessment
  6. Secrets H1. The Bad News Featuring – Julie Elven H2. The Good News Featuring – Julie Elven H3. Hologram Myth Featuring – Julie Elven H4. The Memory Of Old Walls H5. Setting Out H6. To The Hunt! H7. Drums In The Sun Ring