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Rats On Rafts

Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths

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dinked edition 71 - Dark green LP* + deluxe origami sleeve + Bonus 7” in origami sleeve with exclusive b-side* + Dinked OBI strip* + download (400 only) *Exclusive to Dinked

Released: 29th Jan 2021



Released: 29th Jan 2021

£11.99 £3.98

black lp + deluxe origami sleeve + obi-strip + download

Released: 29th Jan 2021


The third album from Dutch punk-laced noiseniks adds new maturity and a conceptual feel that pulls the extremes of their sound together.

A psyche-fuelled journey into the id punctuated with rhythmic kabuki modal mood swings, thunderstorms, digital beeps, traffic noise, and just plain old beautiful cacophonous reverb-drenched sound when needed. The ‘third chapter’ refers to the last five years that the Dutch band have spent creating their “difficult” third album. Each song spins a yarn; there are plagues, dreams, wind and fire, ‘mythical’ characters, and the search for the secret government warehouse. Lead single, Tokyo Music Experience, resonates with a conveyor belt-propelled modal guitar, reflecting the halcyon days of Japanese super-productivity; a mesmerising mantra, infected with news bulletin on-the- hour bleeps underlining its time-sensitive nature; a pristine super-commercial anthem to drive loyalty and reinforce solidarity with the party! Having been described as creating “underground noise with a bracing, warped pop appeal” (Mojo), their new album is a coming-of-age post-classic with a unique worldview - inspired by Van Dyke Parks (Song Cycle) Scott Walker (3 & 4), Moondog (Elpmas), White Noise (An Electric Storm) and Beach Boys (Smile). If their previous effort (Tape Hiss) was their very own sketch of a sketch for an incomplete concept album, a noisy reaction to their previous life, then ‘Excerpts From Chapter 3..’, with all its interlaced intricacies, is the realisation of their transition from punk-spiked-pop to psyche-pop protagonists. Evolving, testing, infectious...

FOR FANS OF: Ought, Preoccupations, Parquet Courts, Liars, Protomartyr

“Rotterdam awkwardists churn underground noise with bracing warped pop appeal”- Mojo

“Often totally enveloped in a cacophony of noisy abrasions that transition from one track to the next.” AllMusic

"Rats On Rafts is a band that takes no prisoners and who plough their own distinctive furrow and for that they have to be congratulated” Louder Than War

"they've maped out a whole new territory to explore." the quietus

Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths


  1. Prologue: Rain
  2. A Trail Of Wind And Fire
  3. Second Born Child
  4. Tokyo Music Experience
  5. The Rise And Fall Of The Plague
  6. Another Year
  7. Fragments
  8. The Disappearance Of Dr. Duplicate
  9. Excerpt Taken From Chapter 3
  10. Where Is My Dream?
  11. Part One: The Long Drought
  12. Part Two: Crossing The Desert
  13. Epilogue: Big Poisonous Shadows

dinked bonus 7"

  1. Tokyo Music Experience (Single Edit)
  2. Osaka

dinked edition 71

-Dark green vinyl LP*

-deluxe origami sleeve

-Bonus 7” in origami sleeve with exclusive b-side* 

-Dinked OBI strip*

-download on postcard

-limited to 400 only*

*Exclusive to Dinked



dinked 7" artwork