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Black Honey

Written & Directed

foxfive records

140g gold lp

Released: 19th Mar 2021



Released: 19th Mar 2021


dinked edition 75 - signed* 140g black / red marble lp* + alternative, gatefold, inverted colour sleeve* + 16 page 300x300mm booklet + download (600 only) *exclusive to dinked

Released: 19th Mar 2021


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“I made this record for young women to feel invincible”

- Izzy B Phillips, Black Honey.


The brighton quartet’s second album is a badass cocktail of grunge pop & neopsychedelia that keeps us overwhelmingly entertained every time. It's now time for the next instalment of their story – ‘Written & Directed” – which see’s Black Honey deliver one, very singular, message – a 10 track mission statement that aims to unashamedly plant a flag in the ground for strong, world-conquering women. For fierce frontwoman and album protagonist Izzy B. Phillips – it’s the most important message she could send to inspire her cult-like fanbase and fill the female-shaped gap that she felt so acutely when she was growing up and discovering rock music for the first time. Written throughout 2019 and recorded in fits and spurts between touring, ‘Written & Directed’ is drenched with a hedonistic, anything-goes attitude. It’s also the most full-throttle collection of music that Black Honey have ever-written – egged-on by their run of shows supporting long-term friends and collaborators Royal Blood. Exploring everything from womanhood, to identity and power, it’s an album that revels in the rich history of pop culture, throws a wink to its rock-and-roll heroes, but ultimately (and in true Black Honey fashion) it stands on its own two feet. With a typically hyper-visual world referencing grindhouse cinema, kitschy pulp films and a flip-reverse of female cinematic representation all primed to unfurl and explode around them, 'Written & Directed' is the sound of Black Honey strapping in and saddling up, of harnessing their quirks, and, as the Phillips has always hoped, riding them joyously into the sunset.



Written & Directed


  1. I Like The Way You Die
  2. Run For Cover
  3. Beaches
  4. Back of the Bar
  5. Believer
  6. I Do It To Myself
  7. Disinfect
  8. Summer 92
  9. Fire
  10. Gabrielle


dinked edition 75

- 140g black / red marble effect vinyl *
- alternative, gatefold, inverted colour artwork sleeve *
- 16 page 300 x 300mm booklet
- signed*
- download
- limited edition of 600*

*Dinked exclusive