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USA Nails

Character Stop



Released: 11th Dec 2020

£21.99 £14.98

USA Nails release their fifth album Character Stop, the record was tracked live over 4 days at Bear Bites Horse in London with producer Wayne Adams.

Though Character Stop still features the pummelling noise-punk that USA Nails have become renowned for, it’s balanced with more sober, downbeat moments. On it they explore identity- like the online personas of aggressive twitter users, influencers and vloggers, as well as more introspective takes on mental health, giving up on dreams, the joy (and despair) of being a part-timer, and contemplaing who they would be if they decided to hang up their guitars for good. Guitarist Gareth Thomas comments, “For me Character Stop is the best album USA Nails have ever made by miles. I’m obviously still really happy with all the music we’ve written up to this point, but on this record everything seemed to come together so sweetly. “

Character Stop


  1. Revolution Worker
  2. I Don’t Own Anything
  3. Character Sto
  4. How Was Your Weekend?
  5. I Am Posable
  6. Dumb Of Choice
  7. No Pleasure
  8. See
  9. Yourself
  10. Preference For Cold
  11. Temporary Home
  12. Wallington