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Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas




Released: 15th Jan 2021



Released: 15th Jan 2021


This is expansive, luscious electronic music rich with texture and intricacy, patiently revealing every eccentricity while constantly drawing us in.

When these two get together, expect the unexpected. The Norwegian production duo's third album is also their first outing together in eleven years and, as ever, they’ve crafted their own unique sonic world between the two of them. Getting lost never sounded so good. the bulk of ‘III’ came together over 2020, as the pair teamed up to craft a lush and lovely work that recalls the hazy atmospherics of Air, the loose-fit jazz of Lonnie Liston Smith, and the genre-resistant electronic music that both artists have made their name on over the course of their impressive careers. Above all else, ‘III’ is a testament to the adventurousness of Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas when it comes to soundcraft. Both artists have established separate careers on bodies of work that feature infinite twists and turns, thrilling their audiences with the suggestion of where they've been and where they're about to go. Together, they've crafted what might be their most beguiling and inviting work yet, a jewelled box of electronic music ornately crafted but never losing the sense of playfulness that so many have come to love from them.




  1. Grand Finale
  2. Martin 5000
  3. Small Stream
  4. Oranges
  5. Harmonia
  6. Birdstrike