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pop (2020 reissue)



Released: 11th Dec 2020


POP – the album that has become widely recognized as the defining moment in which Wolfgang Voigt brought us into a clearing of his deep, psychedelic forest.

A landmark release in the GAS odyssey that drew international attention, POP was originally released in 2000 on the iconic Frankfurt imprint MILLE PLATEAUX. POP was heralded by Pitchfork at the time of release as being “an exercise in sonic texture… pure sonic velvet, the layered drone radiating a palpable warmth.” POP has since been reissued in 2016 as a part of GAS “BOX” (now out of print) and finally now, POP is released on KOMPAKT – for the first time on CD in its original artwork.

pop (2020 reissue)


  1. Pop 1
  2. Pop 2
  3. Pop 3
  4. Pop 4
  5. Pop 5
  6. Pop 6
  7. Pop 7