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Weird Years (Season 1)
  1. What a Time
  2. 92
  3. Million
  4. IRL
  5. Finish Line

Fickle Friends

Weird Years (Season 1)

Cooking Vinyl Limited
  • lp

    Released: 12th Feb 2021


Welcome to 'The Weird Years' - a refreshing, unique and ambitious new concept for releasing music and crafting an album campaign, formulated by Fickle Friends.

- "The last 2 years have seen ups and downs in love, mental state and creativity...moments of self consciousness and others of complete confidence and clarity. It's felt a lot like being in limbo, and it's a weird place to be. Every song we have written is another chapter in the year of the weird. They fit together in peaks and troughs and balance each other out...but the concepts are unpredictable much like the unpredictability of our moods when we wake up tomorrow…" - Fickle Friends - The Weird Years encapsulate what it means to be a young adult, and we'll be presenting it in a format that every young adult can relate to, the TV Series. Every song will act as a different episode in the series, with each one exploring different themes (from the euphoria of love to the seemingly endless battle with one's mental health) across a broad range of sonic avenues and moods. See narratives unfold and resolve in each segment, while recurring themes and storylines permeate through the entire collection, made up of 3 EP Series, which will culminate into the finished album in mid 2021. - However life extends beyond music formats and TV series, and Fickle Friends want to immerse themselves in the wider dialog of the themes they find themselves writing about. To do this, the band has taken a bold step to commission a piece of artwork (it could be sculpture, poetry, watercolours etc.) for each track they release to address and explore the greater social context of each song. In addition, fans will be encouraged to submit their own artwork for each track, which will be featured on the band's virtual gallery website, and then at the end of the project selected works will be included in a physical gallery as part of our album release event.