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Abstinence Blues

Delayed Records


Released: 26th Feb 2021


Abstinence Blues (Original Mix) was written, recorded and released during lockdown as the opening track of the Black Metal Music EP.

The band loved the driving frustration of the track and felt it would really work as dance track ready for when the clubs open up again. The band approached their label bosses and artists in their own right, Laima and Iggor of Delayed Records/Mixhell, as they loved the remix they produced last year of Meatraffle on the Moon. They had a listen and were up for the challenge. The remix came back and the band loved it, so much that the live version of Abstinence Blues is now split of the original mix and the remix.

Abstinence Blues


  1. Abstinence Blues Mixhell Extended
  2. Abstinence Blues Mixhell Edit
  3. Abstinence Blues Mixhell Instrumental
  4. Abstinence Blues Original Mix