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Portico Quartet (10th Anniversary Edition)

Limited Edition 2LP w/ etching on side D + Download - £24.99 | Buy
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Portico Quartet have defied categorisation over the course of six studio albums.

Next Stop

very limited 12" ep + download - 1 per customer - £16.99
Next Stop is the brilliant follow-up to 2021's 'monument' - a pulsing powerful four-tracker that also features a wistful, elegiac side and perhaps p...


2LP + download - £25.99 | Buy
CD - £14.99 | Buy
Get ready to move – Portico Quartet return to the dancier roots to create this sublime piece of jazz-tronica that’ll knock the socks off any bonobo ...


cd - £14.99
The glacial atmospheres of ‘terrain’ make for a tremendously expansive sonic playground for our minds to explore, populated by crystalline hang drum...

Endless / Undercurrent

limited 7" - £10.99 £2.98
Gondwana Records are delighted to announce parts 3 and 4 of the '7" Series', our first ever 7" vinyl collection series.

Memory Streams

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dinked edition 27 - exclusive transparent blue lp + poster of album artwork in spot gloss sleeve + download (500 only) - £24.99
Treading the tightrope between jazz, minimalism and electronica, these guys would be equally at home playing a seated concert hall as they would a sweaty festiv...
Art in the Age of Automation (2021 reissue)
  1. Endless
  2. Objects to Place in a Tomb
  3. RGB
  4. Art in the Age of Automation
  5. S/2000S5
  6. A Luminous Beam
  7. Beyond Dialogue
  8. Rushing
  9. Current History
  10. Mercury Eyes
  11. Lines Glow


Art in the Age of Automation (2021 reissue)

  • very limited transparent blue & green 2lp

    Released: 26th Feb 2021

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Mercury Prize-nominated Portico Quartet has always been an impossible band to pin down.

Sending out echoes of jazz, electronica, ambient music and minimalism, the group created their own singular, cinematic sound over the course of three studio albums, from their 2007 breakthrough 'Knee-Deep in the North Sea', and 2010 John Leckie produced 'Isla', to the self titled record 'Portico Quartet' in 2012. Now rebooted as Portico Quartet after a brief spell as the three-piece Portico, the group are set to release their fourth studio album Art In The Age Of Automation this August on Manchester's forward thinking indy jazz and electronica label Gondwana Records. It's an eagerly anticipated return, with the band teasing both a return to their mesmeric signature sound and fresh new sonic departures in their new music. Featuring the singles Endless and A Luminous Beam.