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pleasures of the street



Released: 27th Nov 2021


Recorded Live over 2 nights at Onkel Pö's, Carnegie Hall, Hamburg August 1975.

Featuring: Achim Reichel, Keef Hartley, Steffi Stefan. Michael Chapman (vocals & guitar) solo tracks 1,2 & 3. Michael Chapman (vocals & guitar) Achim Reichel (guitar) Steffi Stephen (bass) Keef Hartley (drums) Paul 'Prof' Sutton (solo guitar on track 6).

pleasures of the street

  1. Party Pieces
  2. Among The Trees
  3. In The Valley
  4. Shuffleboat River Farewell
  5. Time Enough To Spare
  6. Firewater Dreams
  7. Wrecked Again
  8. Deal Gone Down
  9. Sea Of Wine
  10. Hero Returns
  11. Firewater Dreams
  12. Deal Gone Down
  13. Shuffleboat River Farewell