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The Young Gods

THE YOUNG GODS (2021 reissue)

two gentlemen

140g 2lp

Released: 9th Apr 2021


Released in April 1987 on Organik and Wax Trax! Records, this sample-based record produced by Roli Mosimann is much more than an album, it is a phenomenon - a musical revolution which appears as a milestone in the alternative music scene.

Hailed by international critics, The Young Gods received a unique attention from the British music press: ‘A firestorm, a total, catastrophic sweep across the scattered fragments of rock history and rock dilapidation, “The Young Gods” used sampling not out of some nostalgic sense of mischief but to whip up everything into a hurricane of charcoal. The ultimate in technology to release the most determindely savage sound of the year. We repeat this is the future.’ — Melody Maker, Best Album of 1987 The Young Gods 1987 reissue album was remastered from the original recordings and is being released on 140 gram heavyweight vinyl.

THE YOUNG GODS (2021 reissue)


  1. Nous de la lune
  2. Jusqu’au bout
  3. A ciel ouvert
  4. Jimmy
  5. Fais la mouette
  6. Percusionne
  7. Feu
  8. Did You Miss Me
  9. Si tu gardes
  10. Envoyé
  11. Soul Idiot
  12. C.S.C.L.D.F
  13. The Irrtum Boys
  14. Fais la mouette (John Peel Session)
  15. Jimmy (John Peel Session)
  16. The Irrtum Boys (John Peel Session)
  17. L’Amourir (John Peel Session)