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Black Water

castles in space

limited green & black splatter 10" - 1 per customer

Released: 9th Apr 2021


Scotland-based producer makes album about the loch ness monster – and it’s an epic work of looming synthy darkness.

Everyday Dust is a producer based in Scotland, who uses analogue synthesizers, effects and tape machines to create his own unique narrative-driven music. “Black Water” is a deeply immersive electronic album of sonar explorations which celebrate the ongoing search for the creature at large in Loch Ness. For this album, Steve Reich and Terry Riley style minimalism echo deep within the realms of ED’s secret subterranean electronic soundworlds. A beautiful and mysterious work which must take pride of place as the best entrant in the enduring mythology surrounding the Loch Ness Monster for years, bringing the story thrillingly up to date. ED’s mastery of tension and excitement makes for an electrifying ride through the depths of the Black Loch. A glowing shape moves through subterranean caves registering strange readings. The chase through the underwater cathedral… Get ready for the sounds of malfunctioning sonar equipment crammed into a claustrophobic submersible. The hunt is on as ED delivers the most convincing proof of the elusive Plesiosaurus since the surgeon’s photograph. Dive deep.


Black Water


  1. The Black Loch
  2. Sonar Sweep
  3. Strange Readings
  4. 800ft Down 28ft Visibility
  5. Subterranean Caves
  6. The Glowing Shape
  7. Something In The Murk
  8. Lost Dive
  9. The Underwater Cathedral
  10. The Chase