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Kristin Hersh

Wyatt at the Coyote Palace (rsd 21)

fire records

Record Store Day 2021 - gold 2lp + download

Released: 12th Jun 2021


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Released for the first time on vinyl, ‘Wyatt At The Coyote Palace’ is pressed on double gold vinyl.

An essential vinyl release of the Throwing Muses’ mainstay’s 2016’s CD and essay book that featured stories from “her life's most perception-altering junctures” (NPR). “As memoirs, her albums are so intensely personal... as art, they’re arguments for the value of unapologetic individuality” Pitchfork. “This music reminds you how alone you are; it consoles you through its insolubility, comforts you by jabbing you in the chest and letting you know how complex the struggle is, how inaccessible we are to each other but just how universal our pain can be.” The Wire. This sonically rich and fragmented record references to Hersh’s past material and sees her perform on guitar, bass, drums, piano, horns and cello. There’s a mysticism and sense of life wonderment throughout ‘Wyatt At The Coyote Palace’ that also has death as a central theme rather than the contemplation of death itself it’s reaching the end of something and beginning a new life.

Wyatt at the Coyote Palace (rsd 21)


  1. Bright
  2. Bubble Net
  3. In Stitches
  4. Secret Codes
  5. Green Screen
  6. Hemmingway's Tell.
  7. Detox
  8. Wonderland
  9. Day 3
  10. Diving Bell
  11. Killing Two Birds
  12. Guadalupe.
  13. American Copper
  14. August
  15. Some Dumb Runaway
  16. From the Plane
  17. Sun Blown
  18. Elysian Fields
  19. Soma Gone Slapstick
  20. Cooties
  21. Christmas Underground
  22. Between Piety and Desire
  23. Shaky Blue Can
  24. Shotgun